GrandEvolution is still going strong


Hopes and Dreams, the latest release from Worcester rock band GrandEvolution is one of the band’s strongest albums yet and is another piece to its already impressive resume. The sound is a collision of alternative rock, punk and indie that is unapologetically ’90s sounding, with a pop feel that is catchy and original.

The band is led by vocalist/guitarist Sarah Kenyon, whose infectious voice beautifully compliments the distorted guitar-based tunes and gives the band a pop sound that never gets soft. For 12 years, GrandEvolution has been getting attention all over Worcester, Boston and New England and has toured nationally.

The band first started way back in 2002, releasing its first EP, a six-song self-titled album that got it positive feedback and plenty of shows. Following up with another EP in 2004 before putting out its first full length in 2006, GrandEvolution was just beginning. Most bands are content with a few EPs and one full-length under their belts, but GrandEvolution was far from finished. The band brought us a new LP every two years, leaving its discography at an unbelievable seven releases.

UPCOMERGrandEvolutionHopes and Dreams is the band’s most ambitious project and was the culmination of more than a year of songwriting. Kenyon recorded her guitar and vocals in Los Angeles with producer Will Kennedy (O.A.R.). The new songs are very polished, yet maintain that alternative ’90s sound that is so catchy.

“Going into the studio, we really didn’t know how the songs were going to turn out. It’s cool to see where the songs end up after everyone contributes, and we are all very happy with how Hopes and Dreams turned out,” Kenyon said.

The last couple years have seen the band play some huge shows in New England and opening for some iconic bands like Soul Asylum, Everclear and VAST. It also played shows at Six Flags, the Hard Rock Cafe, Mohegan Sun and landed a spot on the SocksStock Festival in Sturbridge.

“Our biggest show for 2013 was the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Portuguese Festival in New Bedford. Fourteen thousand people were in attendance at the time we took the stage,” Kenyon said.

With the Hopes and Dreams released in April, the trio is looking to tour more and has a string of shows set up for the second half of summer. The members are also hard at work on three music videos for the new album, which will be available online. So 2014 can continue with another great local band to make Massachusetts proud.

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By Alex Kantarelis

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