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GrandEvolution —
If You Only Knew

Produced by Drew Townson and GrandEvolution
Recorded by Drew Townson at Altitude Studios
Mixed by Jason Elgin at Syncromesh Studios
Mastered by Dana White at Specialized Mastering


Sarah Kollett’s vocals are an enigma; her soft and sweet vocal timbre is quite a contrast to the heavy, intense rock sound of the music. It is a combination that is unusual and unique and one wonders how it will ultimately sound. In one word: phenomenal. While Sarah’s voice is not that of the typical “rocker-chick,” it is strong and clear and a place where an obvious talent resides. These songs have an original sound and the cadences and timing are unpredictable, which separates them from the rest of the pack. GrandEvolution is in no way a cookie-cutter band and has a distinct sound that is different from other rock bands you’re likely to hear on your radio dial. Kollett’s lyrics hold another departure. While her themes are commonplace — love, loss, rejection — the lyrics are anything but trite. Kollett is able to capture common and identifiable feelings with grace and beauty.

In “Find a Reason,” Kollett perfectly states the struggle for meaning and peace in our lives: “We try so hard for moments that are forgotten / Our heroes lessen as we grow / Inspirations come and go / Have to find a reason / Happiness doesn’t come on its own.” Star describes the fear of not being enough, and having the strength to try for something more: “You’ve given me all the courage that I need / I could be that person that you were always looking for.” If You Only Knew strikes a chord with anyone who’s ever experienced doubt and unrequited love. She asks, “Is it worth it to chase the impossible when time is short and rejection hurts?”

GrandEvolution is a melding of the sweet and the rough, culminating in a style that is all its own, with a pure rock sound that grabs hold and doesn’t let go.

-Stacia Waraska